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  • Resize your Watch Band

    Resize your Watch Band

    If you have a unisex watch, your band can be resized to fit your wrist. With the connector at the end of the band facing away from you and with prong side down, insert the tool into the pin hole; then turn it forward (away from you) about 30 degrees. Push the pin toward the […]

  • Resetting your led light remote

    Resetting your led light remote

    If you are having problems with your led light remote, there is a reset button on the back that you can use. Just hold it down for about five seconds, and it will reset the remote. You should then be able to use it normally again. If you have tried resetting the remote and it […]

  • Resetting the Password

    Resetting the Password

    If you’ve been following the recent blogosphere buzz, you might have seen a post from Microsoft’s Security Response Center blog regarding password recycling.  In this case, “password recycling” is defined as the practice of reusing old passwords from one site to gain access on another site.   The reason for this article is that a user […]

  • Basic Tips in Playing Billiards

    Basic Tips in Playing Billiards

    Billiards is a cue sport that is typically played on a table with six pockets. The aim of the game is to hit the cue ball into one of the other balls on the table, thereby sinking it into a pocket. A game of billiards can be played between two players or two teams, each […]

  • Basic Card Drawing

    Basic Card Drawing

    I was in the process of completing a research project for my computer graphics class when I found myself wanting to write an applet that drew Tetris tiles. While brushing up on my graphics programming, I came across something interesting in this book. I thought it would be interesting to try implementing the shortest path […]